Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh, Susanna! The sexy face of Breakfast is attracting a whole new audience of red-blooded men

  • Presenter has gained a large fanbase on YouTube and Twitter
By Sara Nathan and Paul Revoir

The BBC Breakfast programme might seem an unlikely time and place for a sex symbol to emerge.
Yet it is attracting a whole new audience of red-blooded males – thanks to presenter Susanna Reid.
Her increasingly racy choice of outfits has ensured a huge following for the curvaceous mother of three on Twitter and YouTube.
Short skirts and plunging necklines are now wardrobe staples for Miss Reid, who is 41 today. And she is clearly delighted with the reaction they provoke. ‘It is always fantastic when people think you look good on air because frankly that is part of the job,’ she told the Mail.
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YouTube favourite: Susanna presenting BBC Breakfast on December 9
YouTube favourite: Susanna presenting BBC Breakfast on September 30
YouTube favourite: Susanna in a mauve creation on December 9 (left) and on Breakfast on September 30
Miss Reid insists she shops mostly online, normally pays around £50 for her outfits, and has not made a conscious effort to adopt a raunchier look.
However her appearance yesterday in a low-cut mauve wrapover creation caused a chorus of approval on Twitter. One fan wrote: ‘I forgot to say how delicious Susanna Reid looking this morning’. Another commented: ‘Susanna Reid was looking spicy.’ A third added: ‘Yowza. No news is bad news when she’s reading it.’
Miss Reid added: ‘I have not made any particular special effort, but I don’t want to seem ungrateful because it is always nice to hear that people like what you are wearing.


‘Perhaps it is because I am approaching my birthday and I’m in a more celebratory mood.
‘I am not going to be coy, I do most of my shopping online. And at that time of the morning it is important we all make an effort to look colourful and cheerful.’
This week, Matt White tweeted: ‘Tell me the news Susanna Reid, and may I say, what a smashing blouse you’re wearing.’
Miss Reid also has videos dedicated to her on YouTube, with clips of her on BBC Breakfast. Some titles are too lewd to mention, and others are entitled ‘Susanna Reid in a tight black dress and silk shirt’, and ‘Susanna Reid stunning in frilly blue dress.’
Fanbase: Susanna Reid on July 8. She has built up an impressive following on YouTube and Twitter
Fanbase: Susanna Reid on September 9. She has built up an impressive following on YouTube and Twitter
Fanbase: Susanna Reid on July 8 (left) and September 9 (right). She has built up an impressive following on YouTube and Twitter thanks to her raunchy look
The newsreader has three young sons with her partner-of-12-years, former sports correspondent Dominic Cotton, who is now the communications director for charity UK Youth.
The couple have three sons together, Sam, 10, Finn, seven, and six-year-old Jack.
Last month, Miss Reid told the Mail that the boys will stay with their father in their south-east London home when BBC Breakfast moves to its new Salford studio – 200 miles north of its current home at BBC Television Centre in West London - and she takes over from Sian Williams.
She admitted: ‘It’s a challenge for everybody. We’re not moving as a family. Dom’s work is in London. The children are at school there.
‘It’s going to mean a long commute for me but I can do it. The best trains take just over two hours. I’ll zip up there, sleep overnight, do the programme, come back to pick the children up from school and zip back. I’ll just stay over for a couple of nights a week.’ 
Although she is the main breadwinner of the family, she stressed that was not the reason for her move to Salford.
She said: ‘We could survive. I could do other work. But I love working for Breakfast. I love the BBC. If you cut me open I’d have BBC written through me like a stick of rock. Also, the key to our whole family is that we share the parenting. Dominic cooks for the boys, reads bedtime stories and does the ironing and half the washing.’
Miss Reid then insisted: ‘I’ve said I’m going and I’m committed to it,’ she says. ‘It’s definitely going to work out. We’ll make sure it does.’


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